The UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory is a collaborative enterprise. While the lab’s research activities are coordinated by faculty and graduate students in the UGA College of Environment and Design, our work depends on contributions from a wide range of people and institutions. Our partners include scholars and students in other UGA departments, private-sector professionals, and members of the communities where we work.

CLL Faculty & Staff

Pratt Cassity

Director of Public Service + Outreach

Marianne Cramer

Associate Professor

Cari Goetcheus

Associate Professor

Eric MacDonald

Associate Professor

Melissa Tufts

Owens Library + Circle Gallery Director

Alfie Vick

Associate Professor

  • Tom Jones, MHP 2013
  • Fielding Link, MLA 2013

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CLL Research Assistants

  • Paul Cady, MLA Candidate
  • Jarrad Holbrook, MHP Candidate
  • Genna Mason, MLA Candidate
  • Matt West, MHP Candidate

Previous CLL Research Assistants

  • Judson Abbott, MLA 2012
  • Tim Barrett, MHP 2011
  • Stephanie Bryan MLA 2011
  • Vineet Date, MHP Candidate
  • Nathan Dittman, MLA Candidate
  • Leanne Dickerson, MHP 2014
  • Sean Dunlap, MHP 2013
  • Carrie Landers, MLA 2011
  • Theresa Owen, MEPD 2012
  • Milton Perry, MHP 2013
  • Katie Pigott, MLA 2012
  • Laura Schuetz, MHP 2013
  • Megan Turner, MLA 2014
  • Katie Twomey, MHP 2014
  • Wes Ryals, MLA 2013
  • Daniel Weldon, MHP 2014

UGA Research Partners

Department of Geography

Center for Geospatial Research

Thomas R. Jordan

Marguerite Madden

The UGA Department of Geography’s Center for Remote-Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS) and the Cultural Landscape Laboratory are working together to explore how Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote-sensing and other digital technologies may contribute to the stewardship of cultural landscapes. Marguerite Madden, Director of CRMS, and Thomas R. Jordan, Associate Director of CRMS, provide lab faculty and students with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment, and collaborate with lab researchers on the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the lab’s research sites.

Department of History

Paul Sutter

Drew Swanson

The UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory’s work at Wormsloe Plantation draws heavily from the research of environmental historians Paul Sutter and Drew Swanson. Sutter, formerly Associate Professor in the UGA Department of History (now Professor of History at the University of Colorado), and former UGA graduate student Swanson, have researched the history of human use of the land at Wormsloe Plantation. Both scholars continue to assist faculty and students of the UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory with our work at this site.

Department of Horticulture

David Berle

Professor David Berle and his graduate students provide the UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory with equipment and technical expertise for collecting GPS data at our research sites.

Institute of Native American Studies

Private Research Partners

Cherokee Heritage Center

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation Enterprises

The Jaeger Company

Dale Jaeger

Keyes Williamson

The UGA Cultural Landscape Laboratory is assisting The Jaeger Company with the preparation of a cultural landscape inventory for Stratford Hall Plantation. Keyes Williamson, a UGA-CED graduate and landscape architect for The Jaeger Company, is coordinating the inventory. It will provide baseline data on landscape features, and support an initial assessment of the landscape’s condition, historic significance, and historic integrity.

National Trail of Tears Association

North Park University

Produce, Inc.

Robert E. Lee Memorial Association

Wormsloe Institute for Environmental History

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